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Pump-priming Mindanao's rural economy.
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The Mindanao Rural Development Program – Adaptable Program Loan Phase 2 (MRDP-APL2) continues to implement poverty-reducing interventions in more poor communities across Mindanao as it expands in scope of coverage (225 towns in 26 provinces).

Implemented under the Department of Agriculture (DA), MRDP1 accomplished various projects and provided significant learning experiences on which MRDP2 takes off.

Jointly funded by the World Bank, DA, and Local Government Units (LGUs), MRDP2 seeks to further improve rural incomes and achieve food security through agri-fisheries infrastructure, livelihood enterprise, and biodiversity conservation projects.

Partnership with LGUs and other national agencies are also forged for laudable impact in Mindanao rural communities.


Alongside poverty-reducing initiatives, the Program likewise reinforces the implementation of the Local Government Code and Agricultural Fisheries Modernization Act.

Being a demand driven program, MRDP encourages every covered town to take advantage of the package of investments that the program offers. The only consideration is the LGU's capacity to implement projects and raise the corresponding equity. Shedding out the LGU's monetary and in-kind counterparts bring a sense of ownership of the projects, promoting the program’s core values of participation and accountability.


Our Goal

To reduce poverty by accelerating environmentally sustainable rural development.

Our Purpose

  • To improve income, food security and environmental integrity in the targeted communities within the 26 provinces of Mindanao
  • To conserve and restore the coastal and terrestrial ecosystems


  • Implement and refine institutional, financial and community-based planning and management systems for supporting rural development within the targeted agricultural communities in all participating P/MLGUs
  • Strengthen and operationalize a decentralized agricultural service system through the improvement of capacities of targeted agencies/organizations and communities on collaborative agri-fisheries development planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and operation and maintenance
  • Address community priorities for sustainable rural development and agricultural productivity
  • Institutionalize community-based mechanisms/systems to conserve and/or to restore globally and locally important coastal and terrestrial ecosystems.



Program Phases

The Program consists of four (4) phases in a span of fifteen (15) years. The Adaptable Program Loan 1 (APL1) or Phase1 of the Program, commenced last December 31, 2004.

APL1/Phase I

    • Initiation of the program in a small group of LGUs (5 provinces and 32 municipalities)
    • Testing out a process of engaging LGUs and rural communities in designing and implementing a rural development program, in close association with concerned national agencies

APL2/Phase II

    • Broader, coverage expansion, covering a greater number of LGUs, using implementation experience and lessons learned under MRDP1

APL3/Phase III

    • Will continue to support for all covered LGUs and will complete coverage across Mindanao, by deepening interventions across all eligible LGUs

APL4/Phase IV

    • Focus on reinforcing the key thrusts under the program and in securing sustainable institutionalization of program interventions for increasing agricultural productivity and rural poverty alleviation



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